NerdWear makes educational streetwear focused on sparking conversations about intellectual topics and social issues. The definition of nerd is outdated: in truth, nerds are the engineers, artists, writers, and leaders creating monumental change in the world today. We believe that being a nerd is about being passionate and informed about what you value, from quantum theory to criminal justice. Our designs are meant to stir curiosity, spread knowledge, and allow our customers to express, embrace, and wear their inner nerd.

Traditionally "nerdy" apparel has always remained at surface level. At NerdWear, we go beyond the periodic table and pi jokes to designs of more historical, intellectual, and social significance. Each shipment of our products come with a card detailing that product's background. Through our site, our blog and social media, we are bringing together a community of people who love what they do and investigate their environment.

Nerds rule the world, and it's about time they had the fashion to match.

We are volunteer-run, and in collaboration with the Khadem Foundation, we are committing 100% of our proceeds in 2020 to organizations that support people and communities of color through donations to the NAACPEqual Justice InitiativeDigital Undivided, Respond to Racism and others.

Reach out to us if you're an artist who would like to collaborate on a design, if you're a writer who would like to guest blog, or if you'd simply like to know more information about us!

We are dedicated to representing the truth. If you notice any factual errors or inconsistencies on this site or any of our pages, please message us. In addition, we promote independent investigation of truth. Use our products as a launching point to kickstart your education about a particular topic, but do your own research to expand your knowledge and challenge your preconceptions!

CONTACT: nerdwear.co@gmail.com